About me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Michielle Vaughn and I would like to share a little bit about myself so you can get to know me and my business a little better.  I was born and raised in Louisiana and moved the Sparta area in 1994.   I fell in love with the area and have lived in the Cookeville/ Sparta/ McMinnville area since moving here.  My fiancé and I have 4 kids between us and love the life we are building together. We look forward to our wedding next year and finding a place that we can call ours.

I was an employee at the Bridgestone factory in Morrison for 23 years. While there, I worked in various positions including running machines in Stock Cutting and being a member of the Production Control team.  I decided to retire from factory life in 2022 and go back to school to become a massage therapist.  I graduated school in early 2023 and have been practicing in Sparta since I passed my licensing exam.  

One reason I chose massage therapy as my second career is that I have first hand experience of the benefits.  I have used massage as a method of pain and stress relief for decades.  It is an amazing line of work that allows the therapist to see someone come in while they are experiencing discomfort and leave feeling better both physically and mentally.  A second reason I chose massage therapy is the amount of knowledge and learning that is available.  I love to learn new things and problem solving.  What may resolve an issue for one person may not work for another.  In this line of work, I am able to investigate issues, do research in order to solve ongoing issues, and continue to take classes and learn new things.  

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